Arte Veneziana Furniture

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The Riflessivo furniture result from an extremely balanced encounter between solidity of the past and the sensitiveness of the contemporary: an immaterial “reflection” in which history, feelings, emotions, past and present forge forms conferring them an aura of future.
 But Arte Veneziana does not end here and a professional experience begins with the architect Giovanni Luca Ferrari who chooses to be inspired by the masters of the 1920’s with some really astonishing “pieces”, defined as small architectures more than pieces of design.
 For Arte Veneziana, glass is the material for excellence, coming from a glorious past and projected onto the future with a spirit respectful of the environment, ecological by vocation because it does not release polluting substances and it is recyclable.
And it is with the know-how and respect for the glass matter that the natural vocation for eco-friendliness consolidates and broadens in Arte Veneziana: the respect for the environment is a fundamental value to take account of in all the production phases in which the company is involved directly or indirectly. Tests and control of energetic consumption, reduction and zeroing of the production’s polluting impact through the abolition of rejects and toxic agents, recycling, are all processes that are at the basis of the industrial activity of Arte Veneziana.

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