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Casa Desús dedicates itself to the design, production and marketing of sofas, armchairs and most recently furniture too. Founded in 1973 by Jaime Casadesús under the trade name CYCSA, the company has always been amongst the best Spanish manufacturers of modern design furniture.

In its beginnings, the production was based principally in upholstery; collections as Don (1981 Isern & Gema Bernal) or New York (1992 Nancy Robbins) belong to the classics in the world of Design. During the last years, CasaDesús has expanded the supply of its products: bedroom suites, chairs and dining-room furniture, and has become a point of reference in Spain due to the quality and the design of its collections.

This development has been carried out by expanding the network of external collaborators as Giancarlo Vegni, Gianfranco Gualtierotti, Marcus Ferreira and Carles Ferruz. This has enabled CasaDesús to start a process of internationalization and to introduce itself in countries as Italy, United States, Arab Emirates, Thailand and Taiwan amongst others.

The new expanded catalogue is devoted to the home as well as the contract industry. Installations as Essex Restaurant in New York, Park Inn Hotel in Saudi Arabia or the Vip lounges Spanair bear witness of this.

CasaDesús is managed by David CasaDesús, the Sales Department is directed by Marian CasaDesús. The familiar nature of the company together with the high professional level of its employees results in close and lasting relations with their customers as well as their suppliers.

Innovation, continuous improvement of the quality of products and proceedings and commercial expansion are the three strategic objectives the management team aspires to carry out at medium term in order to put the brand CasaDesús on top of the world’s first design companies.

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