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We believe lighting fixtures must be compelling as well as functional. Light is a powerful medium we use judiciously to accomplish various tasks. We fashion lustrous decorative fixtures that serve as fine jewelry for hotels, resorts, and restaurants. We fabricate crisp, bright, energy efficient fixtures for corporate offices and hospitals. We adorn Malls and Retail Stores with gigantic fixtures that deliver dramatic visual appeal and provide intriguing paths of light. Whether we create a comfortable romantic glow, a fantasy in light, or a bright sparkling atmosphere, our mandate is to always consider the appropriate light level for the environment.

Our lighting fixtures reflect who we are. They are created with minute attention to detail and the highest level of workmanship. We use the best materials available and apply custom finishes by hand. Each fixture is visually scrutinized and evaluated by the craftsmen that created it, by their project manager, and by the sales person that sold it, before it is carefully packaged for shipping.

Included among our satisfied customers are Nordstrom, Volkswagen, Coach, Pottery Barn, Barnes & Noble, Nike, Macy’s, Washington University, Disney, Bergdorf Goodman, Ala Moana Mall, Columbus School of Law, Connecticut Convention Center, and the Chicago Public Library.

Charles Loomis, Inc., has fashioned elegant lighting fixtures for premier Five Star International Hotels and Office Towers in Bangkok, Guam, Hong Kong, Kuwait, South Africa, Mexico, Dubai, and numerous locations throughout the United States.

Our lighting fixtures grace fine homes, resorts, and clubs throughout the United States. Our designs have a “look” that is in demand.

Charles Loomis, Inc. is well known in major architectural and design communities. Since our founding in 1968, we have earned a stellar reputation for developing new ideas, for producing quality lighting fixtures, and for providing exceptional customer service. We invite you to contact us to take advantage of our experience, knowledge, and talents for your next project. We are certain you will be very pleased you did.

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