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Artistic personalities and diverse experiences keep Bruce and Chris Knowlton in creative balance. The Brothers gained early experience growing up in their father’s fine furniture business, where over the years, they learned nearly every aspect of design, production and marketing. Bruce continued on and managed sales, customer service and showroom oversight.

Bruce received a B.A. degree in music and taught high school for several years before returning full time to design and develop furniture.

Chris‘ creative ambition led him to key roles with two renowned architectural woodworking companies. He then stared his own business manufacturing innovative wood frames for fine art galleries and museums. After selling his framing business, Chris moved to the Central Coast of California and for five years was production manager for a respected guitar manufacturer. These endeavors gave Chris a unique perspective on exacting quality methods and design integrity. Bruce and Chris combined their talents in 1985 to create Knowlton Brothers, Inc., and in doing so, became fifth generation furniture manufacturers.


In a small shop, surrounded by eucalyptus forests, in the coast town of Nipomo, California, Knowlton Brothers, Inc. began its journey in 1985. Building the highest quality furniture of their own design, they set a standard that gained acclaim throughout the industry. In 1990, Knowlton Brothers moved to Grover Beach, California where they have steadily grown. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to offering cutting edge design and highest quality materials and workmanship. Every facet of production takes place under one roof, from original drawing to final polish. Knowlton Brothers has been fortunate to employ the very best craftsmen and craftswomen from the many skilled artisans who call the Central Coast home.


At Knowlton Brothers, our design philosophy melds the tradition of classic modern furniture with fresh original design. Often, these new design interpretations present technical and practical challenges. We meet these challenges with innovative methods, specialized equipment and intensive hands-on craftsmanship. As a result, our furniture designs cannot be easily imitated. We collaborate with our clients to add design flexibility to every project. Enduring clean lines and timeless elegance are evident in each finely crafted piece.

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