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“I am amongst those who study to know the reason behind things.”

Andrea Palladio

Flexform Mood is a multifunctional collection, created by three, talented designers for the discriminating international client who refuses to settle for mass-produced or “minimalist” furniture.

Understated elegance, rich with familiarity defines the homes inhabited by the pieces, in and of themselves imbued with warmth and security. The clean lines, decorative taste, relaxed and inviting style give rise to a liberating interior space that expresses a profound richness, of the utmost discretion. Wisely measure the effects of a great ars combinatoria in order to distill shapes, emotions and experiences. Remain faithful to a harmony ideal of rationality and regularity, expertly filtered from a humanistic and cosmopolitan cultural background. Comfort, quality and style shown discreetly and subtly, by way of clean and precise lines, made up of soft and rounded shapes. Good design is the expression of immediately recognizable values. It is the pleasure of the sense that caresses the soul.

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