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A few years back, with the encouragement of a friend, Mr. Shahram Nazar, founder of Tibetano, traveled to Nepal. There, he was spellbound by the heritage of an ancient people who create art at a superior level. Seeing the actual weaving process, Mr. Nazar was inspired to develop an entirely new concept in decorative flooring. Rather than recreating rug designs from the 17th through 20th centuries as is common in the handmade rug industry, the inspiration for Tibetano designs is taken from early African textiles to French Modernism and the Chicago Bauhaus movement of the 1930′s. Tibetano’s color palette is very particular to our rugs, yet very conducive to today’s fabrics and interiors.

Among hundreds of alternatives, Tibetano selected a manufacturer that has the technical know how to support the high-end American market. The Tibetano factory has the talent, facilities and the programs to perform in business and to sustain its employees. This factory provides living quarters, clean drinking water, childcare and health benefits to its employees. No manufacturing processes use child labor and the company takes steps to improve its local environment.

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